Turn off the TV, what?

I was reminded today of a campaign that’s still going on – the misguided “Turn Off The TV Week” that suggests that tv is bad for you.  TV’s not the problem, it’s using the medium as a babysitter and a means to ignore your children.  There should be a Turn Off The Cell Phone Week for parents, instead.


2 Responses to “Turn off the TV, what?”

  1. Mary Says:

    I grew up during the period when no one considered tv bad for you. Our parents demanded we go outside to play for extended periods of time. We were read to, encouraged to go to the library, and didn’t get everything we thought we wanted. We also watched television, by ourselves, but mostly as a family. It didn’t rot my brain.

    While raising my daughter, I didn’t let her watch an excessive amount of television, when she did, I supervised her viewing (tried to for as long as possible). I read to her, we had a mother, daughter afternoon out once a week. She enjoys television now, but not excessively.

    What gets me is that too many parents do not consider the fact that raising children requires a full time commitment, even when one has to work. They don’t discipline as they should, or follow through on the rules they have set. Another gripe I have, is they don’t spend enough time listening to their kids, or getting to know their children’s friends.

    Blaming tv is passing the buck.

  2. edruda Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Mary. I suspect Turn Off the TV Week never took off because parents would rather plop kids down in front of the television than engage them. It’s sad. Children are so hungry for attention and interaction and it drives me crazy when I see parents talking on their cells instead of talking to their kids!

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