Coolest thing eva EVA!

LG Philipps in South Korea has “developed the world’s first A4-sized colour electronic-paper — a paper-thin and bendable viewing panel.”  Imagine how this will work with PlasticLogic’s e-book and we will have amazing moving illustrations in our hands.  It’s all so Jetson-y!  I can’t wait.


4 Responses to “Coolest thing eva EVA!”

  1. Mary Says:

    I’d read about something similar in The Guardian, though it was by a different company.. I believe the model was named Iliad. It sounds fascinating, especially as the screen will be matte and the text and background colors will make it more comfortable to read ebooks and etexts, no glare.

    However, size, flexability aside.. I can not imagine prefering this to ink and paper publishing of books. I’ve spent too many hours to count curled up in a favorite chair, in bed, even sitting under a tree lost in the pages of real books. Can one lose oneself, quite so easily when one has to use a stylus rather than turning a page?

    What about the smell of paper and ink, even the smell of a room of old books is pleasant to me. Since my childhood I have just loved books, and everything they represent.

    I’m no Luddite, I believe the idea has many possibilities. For example, imagine students not having to cart around a pile of heavy textbooks. An ebook reader can hold numerous books at the same time.. 4 to 6, if memory serves. It’s just that I wouldn’t want this to become the only solution out there.

    Great subject!

  2. edruda Says:

    I love the tactile sensations of old books too, but what I love most about them are the stories, the characters, and the ideas. I’m ok with leaving paper behind, as long as I can still get lost in another world.

  3. edruda Says:

    Here’s an interesting post from the Print Is Dead blog – just on this very subject:

  4. Mary Says:

    I agree with Marr though, could never imagine giving up actual paper and ink books.

    Followed a few of the links off the original page, and read blog postings from those in the field promoting the new technology. There’s this sort of grand assumption about it. No discussion on any of the negative consequences or what should be done to ensure that any are lessened. It harkens back to the ’70s when we were all assured that new advancements would render our lives to one of ease and comfort. Oh brave new world.. 🙂

    How many channels do we have now, and how many of us remember better quality programming back then, compared to what we have now.

    Paper and ink publishing is far more economical, and the ability for there to be small presses, and even opportunities for self publishing. Will e-publishing limit who and what gets published as say, the digital music media phenomenon has? With only the most popular tending to be available, and indivudual independent artists having to spend all their time fighting and paying ridiculously high fees to get their work out there?

    Just there was more long range thinking and discussion of all aspects of this in the industry.

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