geek squee

I’ve just received the list of movies that will be available for download when we officially sign up for the next level of MyLibraryDV.  It’s a pretty good amount with pretty good content – I think it all goes public at the end of the month.  I’m hopeful that this will give our remote access services a big boost and I can feel proud of offering this service to our patrons.  For many it will be their first taste of downloading movies and it’s exciting to think about that.  We will be part of the way people think about movies, Internet, and libraries.


Think of the convenience!

I saw Sony’s new flexible display on BoingBoing and it’s got my geek genes excited.  I can’t wait to carry around my tv crushed up in my purse next to the tissues and Certs.  Of course I’ll have to keep my battery and flexible cable in there, too.   Will this help on shelf space in the library?  I can store movies and ebooks in thin little flip-through rows.  I suspect the security cases will be amazing, too 🙂

Coolest thing eva EVA!

LG Philipps in South Korea has “developed the world’s first A4-sized colour electronic-paper — a paper-thin and bendable viewing panel.”  Imagine how this will work with PlasticLogic’s e-book and we will have amazing moving illustrations in our hands.  It’s all so Jetson-y!  I can’t wait.

Just about the coolest thing eva

Normally I make fun of e-book readers, but this one really has me excited – check out this one from plasticlogic . I covet this.


Is that what you call it when you email  your pictures from Flickr?  What, you say?  Yes you can!  Flickr now lets you email your precious babies right from their page.  I’m going to be using this to the max.