another little thing

OMG it’s fanfiction gone legit! Fanlib takes my embarrassing little secret and puts it right out there on the web, complete with a fancy interface and corporate backing. I’m not sure how I feel about it, either. It was kind of fun belonging to this underground literary cult and now it’s all Yahoo’d and outted. I’ll miss the secret handshake.

This from Mashable:
“FanLib announces today their co-promotional partners including HarperCollins, Penguin Books, Showtime Networks, Simon & Schuster and Starz Entertainment. FanLib has also received a reported $3 million in funding from prominent names in Hollywood and Silicon Valley, including Jon Landau, Jon Moonves, and FanLib Chairman Anil Singh, former Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Yahoo!”


Little things

Trolling around the blogosphere and I found two loves:
the new “Street View” from googlemaps
the new search engine Zuula.  Like everyone else, it’s going to be hard to tear myself out of the google habit, so we’ll see.

Mixed feelings about Mahalo.  They’re going to hand-groom every search result?  Why would you do that and how can you possibly keep it current? 

One day old news about the new MS “coffee table” computer and the get together with Apple.  I think it’s all splendid. 

I heart fanfic

I was excited to read that Boston Public Library had a librarian doing collection development for zines.  Now I read sci-fi writer/blogger Cory Docotow’s piece on fanfic at Locus.  My love for these private-press creatures has no bounds.  The fact that people write and publish for passion not money, that it’s kind of a secret publication-of-the-month club a jillion miles from Borders and BarnesandNoble’s, that you can buy the further adventures of your favorite tv and movie characters or just read for free online, and it has it’s own special lingo for the fanfic consumer – all of it makes me feel like I’m connecting with people just like me.  I’ve read zines for years in embarrassed solitude.  Now it’s going to become legit.  Another aspect of my terminal nerdiness is going to make me seem hip, finally!

Web 2.0 ingredients


OK this made me laugh  so hard.  I found it here.

Woodstock Nation

A few days have passed since the Long Island Library Conference.  This year was different for me because I was part of the behind-the-scenes action at the Exhibits table, which translates into Ellen has to sit and answer questions instead of Ellen gets to roam around gathering up free pens.  And yet, another bonding experience.  Since I had to skip the programs (except Communicating Electronically for obvious reasons) my fun time was limited.  I did have a few precious conversations with like-minded librarians (hello Emily :-))) and experienced that wonderful connection of professional friendships.   Despite our differences, we’re all in this together, siblings in Library Land.  Group hug! 

Turn off the TV, what?

I was reminded today of a campaign that’s still going on – the misguided “Turn Off The TV Week” that suggests that tv is bad for you.  TV’s not the problem, it’s using the medium as a babysitter and a means to ignore your children.  There should be a Turn Off The Cell Phone Week for parents, instead.

This is what I mean to say

I’ve been working the step-child section too long. When libraries started collecting videos (gasp!) the common philosophy was – and I’ll never forget or forgive this – to put them in the back of the building so patrons would have to pass THE BOOKS to get to them. Forget this Library 2.0 nonsense of giving them what they want where they want it!

I’m hoping this space will let me talk about what’s coming up from where we’ve been.