geek squee

I’ve just received the list of movies that will be available for download when we officially sign up for the next level of MyLibraryDV.  It’s a pretty good amount with pretty good content – I think it all goes public at the end of the month.  I’m hopeful that this will give our remote access services a big boost and I can feel proud of offering this service to our patrons.  For many it will be their first taste of downloading movies and it’s exciting to think about that.  We will be part of the way people think about movies, Internet, and libraries.


Video Reviews

I’ve been reviewing dvds, and videos before that, for a long time now.  I started with a now defunct magazine for librarians published by ABC-CLIO, then moved on to Library Journal.  For a while I was doing them for Video Librarian, too – reviews with an attitude!  But I got swamped so I had to quit.  Still working for Library Journal, though, and was awarded their Video Reviewer of the Year in 2004.  Here is my latest contribution:

Think of the convenience!

I saw Sony’s new flexible display on BoingBoing and it’s got my geek genes excited.  I can’t wait to carry around my tv crushed up in my purse next to the tissues and Certs.  Of course I’ll have to keep my battery and flexible cable in there, too.   Will this help on shelf space in the library?  I can store movies and ebooks in thin little flip-through rows.  I suspect the security cases will be amazing, too 🙂

I have seen the future and it ain’t us

Revilo at slashdot makes a good point.  We are at the beginning of the reality of Internet TV.  I’ve been using Joost just for a bit of fun, but I can see how the tide is turning.  The interface seems a little clunky and confusing but wow, the shows looks great, even on my old computer.  And it grows every time I look.  Will our patrons continue, if they’ve even bothered to start, to jump through the hoops we make force upon them for our mediocre content?  I so want it to be successful but I’m beginning to think we’d be better off going in the opposite direction and making our own home-grown, cozy programs than trying to compete.  Maybe we should revel in our lack of commercial viability.

Google Talks, nobody walks

On the heels of comes the author lecture series at Google.  I guess they’re trying to classy-up YouTube’s image.  I’m definitely in favor of this.  We should offer these for download on the library website, except that would remind everyone how easy YouTube is and how convoluted our other downloadable media choices are.

This is what I mean to say

I’ve been working the step-child section too long. When libraries started collecting videos (gasp!) the common philosophy was – and I’ll never forget or forgive this – to put them in the back of the building so patrons would have to pass THE BOOKS to get to them. Forget this Library 2.0 nonsense of giving them what they want where they want it!

I’m hoping this space will let me talk about what’s coming up from where we’ve been.


I liked this before and I still do.

This is for brainy people who want to watch YouTube but need more.   I found myself engaged in the hunt for excitement amid the meandering, but I WANT this to be available to me even if I don’t look at it.